New IT Managers 2018 Cohort Welcome (separate registration is required)

Monday, October 29 | 2:00PM–2:30PM MT | Meeting Room 505/506
Session Type: Meeting
The New IT Managers Program focuses on providing first-time managers and those aspiring to management roles with the basic skills critical for managing and supervising projects, units, and people. The program provides a comprehensive view of the role of manager as well as specific skills development in several key management areas including interpersonal communication, finance and budgeting, managing up, and performance management. Additionally, the program offers an invaluable opportunity to share information and experiences with peers and experienced IT practitioners in a highly interactive setting.


  • Heather McCullough

    Director, Learning and Technology, University of North Carolina System Office
  • Mark Walbert

    (Formerly) Associate Vice President for Academic Technologies, Illinois State University