Step Out of Your Head(set): Better Approaches for Collaborative Learning in Virtual Environments

Wednesday, October 31 | 9:45AM–10:30AM MT | Meeting Room 401/402
Session Type: Industry Led
Delivery Format: Industry and Campus-Led Session
The speaker will present her perspective of what VR is as an innovation tool and explore the options we have today to explore virtual spaces to achieve innovation in education and its potential benefits and limitations when it is integrated in a variety of classroom activities. She will discuss her experiences with developing VR systems and applications provide a vision on the future of VR applicability as a force of change education and its potential to become a key innovation technology to improve many aspects of human life.

Outcomes: Explore the many alternative approaches to build devices and systems to immerse users in virtual environments that go beyond helmets and isolating experiences * Learn how VR needs to support the fundamental learning environment for student engagement and student interactions among themselves and with teachers and afford longer periods of immersion during daily educational activities * Hear about the future of VR applications and emerging immersive technologies to improve learning outcomes for students at all levels


  • Carolina Cruz-Neira