Using Activity-Based Costing to Identify the Cost of Delivering IT Services

Wednesday, October 31 | 4:15PM–5:00PM MT | Board 107, Poster Area, Exhibit Hall B-E
Session Type: Poster Session
Delivery Format: Poster Session
What is the best way to determine the cost of IT, generate forecasts, and benchmark against peers? The project leader will describe cost drivers, methodology, rate philosophies, campus engagement, and implementation challenges. The team used the results to allocate IT costs, evaluate outsourcing targets, identify cost-cutting goals, and more.

Outcomes: Learn about different rate and funding philosophies that work in higher ed * Discover that not all metrics for comparison are created equal * Find out which decision-making structure builds buy-in from the start


  • Dean Oyama

    Consultant, WTC Consulting, Inc.
  • Ron Rutherford

    Director of Marketing, WTC Consulting, Inc.
  • Ginny Schroeder

    Practice Director, WTC Consulting, Inc.