Trivia Night

Tuesday, May 02 | 8:00PM–10:00PM | Denver Ballroom 4-6, Lower Level 2
Session Type: Activity
Join us for the second annual Security Professionals Conference trivia night! Form a team of up to five people (or fly solo!) to answer five categories of 10 timed questions. Team registration can be done in advance (send an e-mail to [email protected]) or before Trivia Night begins in Denver (look for one of the trivia facilitators on-site). The winning team will receive the SPC Trivia Championship title to carry with pride for the remainder of the conference. When the trivia game is over, stick around to join your colleagues over at Get Your Game On!


  • Don Becker

    Senior Information Security Engineer, Adelphi University
  • Warren Raquel

    Senior Information Security Engineer, Harvard University