Service Project: Mental Health Hackers

This year, you have the opportunity to help Mental Health Hackers, a nonprofit organization committed to educating information security and IT professionals about the unique mental health risks faced by those in our field and providing support services. Since 2018, Mental Health Hackers (MHH) has hosted mental health and wellness villages at infosec and tech conferences in an effort to help the community improve our own mental health and wellbeing, as well as learn how to help our family and friends.

What You Can Do

Please consider making a donation to Mental Health Hackers in support of this year’s Security Professionals Conference service project.

  • Provide a one-time donation via PayPal.
  • Become a monthly supporter through Patreon.
  • Purchase t-shirts (or other apparel) via TeePub.

How Are Donation Funds Used?

Donation funds are used to provide various items for the hosted villages, including:

  • Adult coloring books
  • Art projects
  • Binaural beats and other anti-anxiety music
  • Chair Massages
  • Coffee, tea, and snacks
  • Essential oils
  • Fidget cubes and other stress relieving toys
  • Snacks
  • Therapy animals
  • Various educational resources and informational material
  • Staffing & admin related to the nonprofit organization

Note: Mental Health Hackers CEO Amanda Berlin was scheduled to host the 2020 Security Professionals Conference’s first Mental Health and Wellness Village in Bellevue this year. With the move to an online event (June 2–4, 2020), we will be incorporating mental health and wellness resources into the live and on-demand sessions.