Securing Identities & Remote Access in an Evolving Digital World

Thursday, June 10 | 11:00AM–11:45AM ET
Session Type: Industry and Campus Session
Delivery Format: Live Session

COVID-19 has galvanized the digital transformation journey for many higher education institutions. Technology stacks are undergoing rapid modernization, resulting in many productivity benefits while improving the ability to adapt to remote learning. Although, these changes—along with the increased remote workforce itself, BYOD, and exploding endpoints—are all creating new pathways for malicious actors to exploit. While identity-centric security is more important than ever in this era of increasingly distributed workforces and dissolving perimeters, many university IT managers don’t have a clear sense of who has access to their systems, and what is being done with that access. This is a particularly dangerous blind spot when it pertains to privileged users and third-party vendors with access to sensitive intellectual property. Join BeyondTrust and University of Utah to discuss foundations for protecting intellectual property, attributes, and privileged identities within higher ed systems; the concept of least privilege; secure Remote Access: What’s at stake? The time is now to shore up your remote access security defenses; and recommended guidance around aligning to the NIST SP800-207 zero-trust architecture.


  • Morey Haber

    CTO & CISO, BeyondTrust
  • Chris Stucker

    Associate Director, ISO, University of Utah