Trust Your Apps: Collaborating on a New Security App Vetting Rubric for EdTech

Tuesday, June 08 | 3:40PM–4:00PM ET
Session Type: Breakout Session
Delivery Format: Simulive Session
Proper due diligence on data privacy and security when vetting proposed or requested solutions for inclusion in your digital teaching and learning ecosystem has always been a significant undertaking. That effort has increased rapidly in response to the shift to greater reliance on online and remote delivery of education as institutions and instructors search for the right tools to engage with their students. How does your institution balance the demand for rapid response against the responsibility of ensuring security? Solutions like the EDUCAUSE HECVAT and the TrustEd Apps program recently introduced by IMS Global Learning Consortium provide you with tools and resources to help you. Still, the current experience with these tools ranges from "too comprehensive for a quick initial analysis" to "too lightweight for meaningful decision-making." To alleviate some of this burden, IMS and EDUCAUSE are working together to expand the TrustEd Apps program. This work aims to enrich the existing IMS community-governed security rubric with details and questions from the HECVAT Triage document to create a manageable first line of inquiry as you consider new solutions. This session will share details of that ongoing effort, chart the path forward, and look for input and reaction from attendees.


  • Cary Brown

    Director of Strategic Project Management, 1EdTech
  • Mark Dieterich

    CISO, Brown University
  • Sue McGlashan

    REsearch Information Security Lead, University of Toronto
  • Brent Shaw

    Senior Systems Programmer, Center for Distributed Learning, University of Central Florida