What’s Old Is New: Zero Trust in Education

Thursday, June 10 | 12:00PM–12:20PM ET
Session Type: Industry and Campus Session
Delivery Format: Simulive Session

Many high-profile universities have become victims of cyberattack as adversaries target academia. The much-touted 2018 Education Cybersecurity Report examined 17 industries and found that the education sector is extremely vulnerable. The pandemic has further highlighted the need for institutions in higher education to double down on their security efforts and continue to push a new approach. Hear how DLT and CrowdStrike work to help extend university security teams as we collaborate in partnerships such as Dartmouth College’s Tuck School of Business to secure academic institutions. Zero Trust is a holistic security framework based on the assumption that systems are vulnerable, and networks are inherently unsafe. In this panel discussion, experts will describe the central tenets of the Zero Trust approach to cybersecurity, and how it can enhance the security posture of an educational institution. Tenured leaders and CISOs will share their respective journeys implementing Zero Trust.


  • Sherry Bennett

    Chief Data Scientist, DLT Solutions
  • Lawrence Hudson

    Associate Director of Infrastructure Operations, Dartmouth College
  • Don Maclean

    Chief Cybersecurity Technologist, DLT Solutions
  • Tina Thorstenson

    Retired Deputy CIO & CISO, Arizona State University