Attendee Lists and Promotions

There are two types of attendee lists available for NERCOMP 2023.

Participant List (Registration Attendee List)

(Cannot be used for promotional purposes)

  • This list consists of those that opt-in during their registration process to share their information with other conference attendees.
  • Those registered for the conference have access to the participant list via the registration platform using their registration email and confirmation number.
  • Registration lists are provided as a service for conference attendees to network with their peers.

Data may not be harvested, sold to others, incorporated into any type of database, used to generate mailing lists, or employed for any promotional purpose, especially mass email and telephone solicitation. EDUCAUSE prohibits the registration list to be used as a pre or post-conference lead sheet. Abuse of this list will result in prevention of further event involvement. View Event Housing and Attendee List Advisories for more information or to report unauthorized solicitations.

Complimentary Opted-In Attendee Address List

(For a one-time promotional piece. Available to organizations that have purchased an exhibit, event sponsorship, or presentation/connection opportunity only.)

  • This list consists of attendees that opt-in during their registration process to receive a promotional piece from corporate participants.
  • This list is not automatically provided, therefore, must be requested by your primary logistics contact following the instructions below.
  • This list will be shared only once and can be used for either pre- or post-conference outreach (it may not be used for both).
    • For pre-conference outreach, we recommend requesting the list after February 13.
    • For post-conference outreach, you will have until April 12 to provide your promotional piece for review and approval and to request the list. We recommend sending your message within 2–4 weeks post conference to remain relevant to the event.
  • You can download the following NERCOMP 2023 logos to be used in your promotional piece:*

To request this list:

  1. Send your proposed promotional piece to [email protected] for approval. Two major things we look for during the approval process are:
    1. EDUCAUSE is all upper case and the copy does not imply that EDUCAUSE endorses your company's presence or its products and services;
    2. The conference should be referred to as NERCOMP 2023 or the 2023 NERCOMP Annual Conference.
  2. Once approved, it's the corporation's responsibility to produce and mail/email the promotional piece.
    1. This list can only be used one time and it is up to the requesting organization to determine if they are going to use the direct mail addresses OR the email addresses for the one-time promotional piece.
    2. This list may be requested at any time prior to April 12, but will only be provided once in an Excel spreadsheet via OneDrive for data privacy protection. We recommend waiting to request the address list until after the advance registration deadline (February 13) for pre-conference outreach.
    3. This list can only be used one-time and is not permitted to be loaded into any database for future use.

* EDUCAUSE's trademarks, service marks, logos, trade dress, and any other identifying marks or insignia (collectively "EDUCAUSE's Trademark") should only be used in a manner that follows these incorporated guidelines to maintain brand integrity:

  1. EDUCAUSE trademarks should not be used on a heavily textured, colored, or patterned background.

  2. Keep the trademarks separate from other elements within the design space by maintaining a measure of white space around it, regardless of the medium.

  3. EDUCAUSE should be written in all uppercase and any copy should not imply that EDUCAUSE endorses your company's presence or its products and services.

All of the above also apply to the use of the NERCOMP logo.