A Trojan Horse of a Different Color: Managing External User Access Securely

Tuesday, May 02 | 3:15PM–4:15PM | Penrose 2, Lower Level 1
Session Type: Breakout Session
Delivery Format: Industry and Campus Solutions
Higher education institutions often hire contingent workers such as contractors and consultants as part of the campus workforce. While these workers bring many benefits, giving them access to your institution’s data and systems can introduce unintended risks, especially when remote off-campus access is required or if access requests are handled via manual, ad hoc processes. This session will examine the security gaps associated with managing external user access and delve into the access and authentication policies, processes, and technologies you should implement to minimize potential risks.

Understand why contingent workers represent a significant security threat * Discover common gaps in security infrastructure and programs for securing this growing workforce * Learn 8 critical steps to secure contingent worker identities and access


  • Tim Till

    Principal Sales Consultant, Identity Automation