Dissembling Ferret: A Free/Open-Source Firewall Testing Suite

Wednesday, May 03 | 9:10AM–10:10AM | Penrose 1, Lower Level 1
Session Type: Breakout Session
Delivery Format: Concurrent Session
It is a pernicious challenge of blue teams to validate security assumptions and vendor claims with respect to defensive technologies. There is no standardized toolkit available for defenders to benchmark security protections and verify assertions of protection and detection with respect to covert channels. This talk will demonstrate Dissembling Ferret, an open-source suite of testing tools designed to exploit covert channels that can be used to test security technologies' capability to detect, prevent, or interfere with hidden communications.

Outcomes: Learn about covert TCP channels used for exfiltrating data * Learn how to evaluate next-generation firewall security protections * Verify firewall vendor assertions of protection and detection with respect to covert channels


  • Justin Klein Keane

    Security Architect, Main Line Health
  • Clay Wells

    Information Security Engineer, University of Pennsylvania

Resources & Downloads

  • Dissembling Ferret_slides

    350 KB, pdf - Updated on 1/21/2024