Incident Response at Global Scale in Research and Education Federations

Tuesday, May 02 | 8:00AM–9:00AM | Denver Ballroom 1-3, Lower Level 2
Session Type: Breakout Session
Delivery Format: Concurrent Session
Global Research and Education SAML identity federations now contain more than 2,000 identity providers and more than 1,500 service providers, rooted in a common trust fabric. Research projects such as LIGO and the LHC now depend on this global identity infrastructure. While the scalable exchange of identity data has been realized, incident handling at this scale is a daunting prospect. This session will cover some of the paths forward to achieve scalable, secure, trusted incident handling in the global identity federation context. The session will also explore some future developments in Internet-scale identity event information sharing. This is a topic specific/intermediate level session.

Outcomes: Be better informed about the research and education identity space, in particular identity federations * Understand the need for security incident response in global identity federation * Shape the future of scalable incident response


  • Helen Patton

    CISO, Cisco Security Business Group, Cisco Systems, Inc.
  • Nicole Roy Roy

    Director of Technology and Strategy, InCommon, Internet2