InfoSec for Researchers: Data Management, Privacy, and Security

Wednesday, May 03 | 9:10AM–10:10AM | Colorado Ballroom IJ, Lower Level 2
Session Type: Breakout Session
De-identification of data has long been the key to research sharing and protection. In the era of big data, how truly anonymous are these data? With the evolution of eConsent, how well do research participants understand what they are signing up for? Infosec professionals can partner with their institutional review boards to help inform researchers on these security and privacy concerns while enabling the success of their work and collaboration with peers. We will explore case studies, discuss regulations, and share practical security solutions.This is a general interest session.

Outcomes: Understand regulations behind data anonymization and how to discuss various methods * Learn what role infosec has in partnering with IRBs * Help researchers make risk-based decisions concerning the use of vendors and technology


  • Ingrid Skoog

    Lead InfoSec Consultant, Harvard University