Stanford University: A Practical Guide to Protecting Your High Value Systems

Wednesday, May 03 | 10:20AM–11:20AM | Denver Ballroom 1-3, Lower Level 2
Session Type: Breakout Session
In 2013, Stanford suffered a significant breach of its Active Directory infrastructure. Fast forward to 2017, and Stanford has significantly overhauled its practices to securely manage these and other high-value systems (HVS). A new security operations team was formed to take on the challenge and partner with operations teams to redefine how to manage their HVS with practices such as network segmentation, firewalls, credential hygiene, application whitelisting, privileged access workstations, and more. Come hear what worked and didn’t work as we had to iterate quickly with technologies and people to adopt a more secure management posture. This is a topic specific/intermediate level session.

Outcomes: Secure your organization’s infrastructure by leveraging existing tools * Asses the potential risks and attack vectors to which your organization is vulnerable * Educate your organization on how to work in a more secure manner


  • stacy Lee

    Security Operations, Stanford University
  • Jeremy Tavan

    Information Security Systems Specialist, Stanford University