Watch the Hacker Hack

Tuesday, May 02 | 4:30PM–5:30PM | Denver Ballroom 4-6, Lower Level 2
Session Type: Breakout Session
Delivery Format: Concurrent Session
This interactive presentation, by members of the global Drupal Security Team, will outline a range of common vulnerabilities in Drupal websites. Watch Security Team members try to hack these sites and share their thought process as they go. You'll learn how to think like an attacker so you can better understand common vulnerabilities. We will cover best practices for configuring and protecting your sites, and we’ll share how the Drupal Security team oversees security across this global open-source community. This is a topic specific/intermediate level session.

Outcomes: Understand common misconfigurations of Drupal and non-Drupal websites that lead to security risks * Be able to apply good security practices * Learn more about the role of an open-source security team


  • Michael Hess

    Solution Architect Lead, Adjunct Lecturer in Information, Drupal Security Team member, University of Michigan-Ann Arbor