Failure Is an Option: Courageous Conversation About Cyber Risk

Tuesday, June 02 | 2:00PM–2:30PM ET
Session Type: Virtual
Delivery Format: Standard Presentation
Failure. The word evokes strong reactions: Anger. Judgement. Avoidance. When is the last time you had a courageous conversation about failure in cybersecurity? Explore why "failure is not an option" should sometimes be "failure is the only option" when it comes to managing cyber risk ,and how you can build a culture that is "failure resilient."

Outcomes: Understand that failure in cybersecurity is a necessary step in the process, and that it's your resilience to that "failure" that makes you better * Identify the qualities of a failure-resilient organization and culture and get a guide to having difficult conversation with leadership * Understand how to move from "excuses" to "priorities"


  • David Rusting

    Chief Information Security Officer, University of California, Office of the President