The Cyberlous Mrs. Maisel: A Comedic (and Slightly Terrifying) Introduction to Information Warfare

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Like a dear family relative who won't stop talking at Thanksgiving dinner, a backdoor exploit also talks to anyone who'll listen. Come hear the Cyberlous Mrs. Maisel! She'll offer a satirical reflection on how we engage with technology in the Information Age and explain the basic historical principles that animate Russia's approach to information warfare. Topics covered include maskirovka (i.e., camouflage, concealment, and deception), disinformation, and reflexive control, among others. Although a strategic objective of information warfare is to induce complacency with falsehoods, this presentation's unique style can help jolt the public's consciousness awake through its originality and bite.


Master the basic foundations of Russian information warfare * Develop cyberliteracy awareness * Explore case studies