Developing Students Who Have Different Kinds of Minds

Friday, November 03 | 10:15AM–11:15AM ET | Exhibit Hall D, 200 Level
Session Type: General Session
Delivery Format: General Session
What would happen to some of the greatest innovators in history in today's educational system? Today, Thomas Edison and Albert Einstein would probably be diagnosed with either autism or ADHD. People think in different ways when they solve problems. Some are photorealistic visual thinkers, others are pattern mathematical thinkers, and yet others think in words. In the workplace, different kinds of minds complement more conventional minds. Temple Grandin will discuss the importance of developing and supporting different ways of thinking in education and the workplace.

Outcomes: Understand visual versus pattern thinking and the scientific research that supports this difference * Help enable innovative but different thinkers to do well in both school and their careers


  • Temple Grandin