Participants at Registration Kiosk

Please note: There will be a separate registration process for both institutional attendees and exhibitors. To facilitate this, EDUCAUSE has partnered with Experient to provide efficient conference registration and housing reservations.

  • Exhibitor Registration

    Exhibitors  Allotted Amount Through Oct. 27 Allotted Amount After Oct. 27 
    Booth Staff $0  $65 
    Daily Lunch Ticket  $35  $35 
    Exhibitor registration includes:
    • Entrance into the exhibit hall during setup, preshow, and show hours
    • Refreshment breaks held in the exhibit area
    Note: Exhibitor registration does not include lunch or access to any conference sessions; however, lunch tickets may be purchased at the time of registration.

    Exhibitor Badge Allotment
    Five complimentary exhibit staff registrations are included per 10' x 10' (100 sq ft) exhibit space.* Additional exhibit staff registrations may be purchased for $65 each.

    *Staff must be registered in advance to take advantage of the complimentary exhibitor registrations. On-site registrations are $65 each. 

    Registration Fees

    Full Conference Registration  Through Oct. 3 After
    Oct. 3 
    Conference Registration, EDUCAUSE member $835 $950
    Conference Registration, nonmember $1,355 $1,470 
    Full conference inclusions:
    • Attendance to all educational activities, Wednesday through Friday (excluding the right column optional activities)
    • Entrance to the exhibit hall on Wednesday and Thursday
    • Various refreshments/meals:
      • Lunch on Wednesday and Thursday
      • Refreshment breaks on Wednesday through Friday
      • Reception on Wednesday evening
    Single Day Registration Through Oct. 3 After
    Oct. 3
    Wednesday only, EDUCAUSE member  $470  $525 
    Wednesday only, nonmember  $700  $770 
    Thursday only, EDUCAUSE member
    $445 $500 
    Thursday only, nonmember
    $655  $720 
    Friday only, EDUCAUSE member
    $240 $295 
    Friday only, nonmember
    $310  $375 
    Single-day inclusions and policy:
    • Any conference-provided meals on your registered day
    • All program materials for that day
    • NOTE: This registration option is available for Wednesday, Thursday, or Friday only. (You may only select the single-day option for one day; single-day rates may not be combined. If you attend the conference for more than one day, you must purchase a full conference registration.)
  • Optional Activities/Events

    Through Oct. 3  After
    Oct. 3 
    Full Day, EDUCAUSE member  $530  $650 
    Full Day, nonmember  $650  $780 
    Half Day, EDUCAUSE member  $265  $325 
    Half Day, nonmember  $325  $390 
    Preconference Workshop inclusions and policy:
    • Workshops require a separate registration and fee to participate (outside of your conference registration)
    • All program materials
    • Lunch for attendees registered for a full-day workshop or a morning workshop combined with an afternoon workshop
    Hawkins Leadership Roundtable  Through Oct. 3 After
    Oct. 3
    Hawkins Leadership Roundtable, EDUCAUSE member  $530  $650 
    Hawkins Leadership Roundtable, nonmember  $650  $780 
    Senior Directors Seminar Through Oct. 3 After
    Oct. 3 
    Senior Directors Seminar, EDUCAUSE member  $530  $650 
    Senior Directors Seminar, nonmember  $650  $780 
    Oblinger Innovation Forum Through Oct. 3 After
    Oct. 3
    Diana G. Oblinger Innovation Forum, EDUCAUSE member $300 $370
    Diana G. Oblinger Innovation Forum, nonmember $370 $455
    Guest Ticket Through
    Oct. 3
    Oct. 3
    Wednesday Reception, Guest $50    $50   

    Hall Visitor Registration  Through Oct. 3  After Oct. 3 
    Exhibit Hall Visitor Only, EDUCAUSE member  $100  $150 
    Exhibit Hall Visitor Only, nonmember  $140  $200 

    Cancellation Policy

    Payment for the full amount of the registration fee must be made by the first day of the conference. Cancellations received on or before September 5, 2017 are entitled to a full refund. Cancellations between September 6, 2017 and October 3, 2017 are entitled to a refund minus $100 processing fee for full- or daily-conference registrations or $50 processing fee for preconference workshop registrations. No refund will be provided for cancellations after October 3, 2017.