Managing Group Work Online for Collaboration, Assessment, and Lifelong Learning Skills

Wednesday, April 30 | 11:30a.m. - 12:30p.m. | Harborside Ballroom B
Session Type: Professional Development

Project-based learning allows students to develop and apply lifelong collaborative online learning skills. While valuable, managing group work online can be a challenge. This session will share strategies and design of this project-based small group collaborative assignment that was successful both in student achievement of learning objectives and in developing skills for online collaborative work. The design principles and assessment strategies used can be adopted for other online courses regardless of enrollment size. In this session, participants can discover the details and research results, discuss the process, and collaborate to contribute data from further practice and research.


Discover a model for creating a group work project-based assignment for online courses * Explore a model for assessing group work online * Investigate an opportunity to collaborate and contribute data to research