A Higher Ed VR Classroom: An Enhanced Reality for Teaching

Monday, January 01 | 12:00AM–12:00AM PT
Session Type: Breakout Session
Immersive virtual reality, experienced by wearing a stereoscopic space-tracked headset, provides a strong sense of being in an actual location. This sense of "presence" is ideal for teaching, allowing us to furnish a virtual space with interactive elements that are both intuitive and dynamic, going beyond what is possible in a physical classroom or instructional lab setting. We will outline our UX-based design methodology, experiences, and outcomes for a new virtual classroom environment. This VR-based collaborative space has strong potential to scale up and impact instruction in higher education through the creation of small, customizable virtual classrooms.

Outcomes: Better understand the shortcomings of VR * Explore the opportunities that VR enables for creating richer experiences in the actual context of a traditional classroom or lab setting * Review the current state of the VR technology and requirements for a classroom deployment