Presentation Pair: Learning Horizons

Wednesday, February 20 | 9:15AM–10:00AM PT | San Simeon, Fourth Floor
Session Type: Breakout Session
Delivery Format: Presentation Pair
Authoring Instructional Activities for Mixed Reality: A Medical School's Journey
Content presentation, interaction and assessment used to be limited to paper and face to face. Then television, computers, and eventually the internet expanded the palette to include a two-dimensional digital learning environment. Now the advent of head-mounted devices is expanding the opportunities to a whole new level. This session will discuss how at UCF College of Medicine, we're beginning to author learning activities with mixed reality headsets to present difficult or complex concepts to our students in this emerging 3D learning environment.

Outcomes: Understand what mixed reality is and how you can start using it at your institution * Understand the current limitations of mixed reality * Understand the potential opportunities mixed reality might offer higher education in the future

A Higher Ed VR Classroom: An Enhanced Reality for Teaching
Immersive virtual reality, experienced by wearing a stereoscopic space-tracked headset, provides a strong sense of being in an actual location. This sense of "presence" is ideal for teaching, allowing us to furnish a virtual space with interactive elements that are both intuitive and dynamic, going beyond what is possible in a physical classroom or instructional lab setting. We will outline our UX-based design methodology, experiences, and outcomes for a new virtual classroom environment. This VR-based collaborative space has strong potential to scale up and impact instruction in higher education through the creation of small, customizable virtual classrooms.

Outcomes: Better understand the shortcomings of VR * Explore the opportunities that VR enables for creating richer experiences in the actual context of a traditional classroom or lab setting * Review the current state of the VR technology and requirements for a classroom deployment


  • Lucy Chen

    Student Researcher, California Institute of Technology
  • Santiago Lombeyda

    Research Scientist, California Institute of Technology
  • Netra Ravishankar

    Student, California Institute of Technology
  • Maya Srikanth

    Student, California Institute of Technology
  • Dale Voorhees

    Director, Educational Technology COM, University of Central Florida

Resources & Downloads

  • A Higher Ed VR Classroom An Enhanced Reality for Teaching

    Updated on 11/26/2019
  • Authoring Instructional Activities for Mixed Reality A Medical Schools Journey

    Updated on 11/26/2019