Being Human: High-Impact Instruction in a Technological Age

Wednesday, February 20 | 2:30PM–3:15PM PT | Pacific Promenade - Poster21
Session Type: Poster Session
Delivery Format: Poster Session
What high-impact, high-efficiency practices exist on your campus? Can technology and/or human behavior propagate these activities? Address these questions and more in a session focused on finding ways to scale teaching practices that remain steeped in the humanness of both teachers and their students. We will discuss high-impact educational practices, identify opportunities for increased student engagement that require less rather than more of an instructor's time, and allow attendees to work together to create a powerful visual illustrating where most of our teaching and learning strategies fall on a matrix of high/low-impact and efficiency.

Outcomes: Explore the pedagogical changes stemming from technology * Analyze ways that meaningful human interaction can be incorporated into technology-enhanced learning activities * Detail behaviors and technologies that can maximize high-impact/high-efficiency practices


  • Jaci Lindburg

    Associate VP for Digital Education & IT Strategy, University of Nebraska at Omaha
  • Jeremy Van Hof

    Director of Learning Technology and Development, Michigan State University