Corporate Displays: Today is the last day to visit companies providing the latest solutions to the teaching and learning community

Wednesday, February 20 | 10:00AM–3:15PM PT | Corporate Displays, Pacific Promenade, Second Floor
Session Type: Industry Led

AEFIS partners with colleges and universities that want to improve! AEFIS is the complete solution for assessment and continuous improvement on your campus. Our user-friendly assessment management platform enables easy automation of evaluation, supports individual student assessment, facilitates curriculum review, streamlines campus-wide accreditation processes, and helps you achieve your strategic and educational goals.

Key Issue | Student Success

Campus Labs
Campus Labs empowers institutions to make valuable connections with their data. We offer a complete set of integrated solutions for areas such as assessment, retention, teaching and learning, student engagement, and institutional effectiveness. We’re proud to serve more than 1,400 public and private colleges and universities. To learn more, visit

Key Issue | Analytics: Privacy, Learning Data, Student Advising, and Interventions

D2L, Silver Partner
D2L is the software leader that makes the learning experience better. The company’s cloud-based platform, Brightspace, is not a common one-size-fits-all LMS. It's easier to use, more flexible, and smarter. With Brightspace, you can personalize the experience for every learner to deliver real results. The company is also a world leader in learning analytics: its platform predicts learner performance so you can take action in real time to keep learners on track.

Key Issue | Learning Horizons: Emerging Technology, Ground-Breaking Practices, and Educational Futures

LinkedIn Learning, Bronze Partner
LinkedIn Learning is a massive open online course website offering video courses taught by industry experts in software, creative, and business skills. It is a subsidiary of LinkedIn. It was founded in 1995 by Lynda Weinman as before being acquired by LinkedIn in 2015.

Key Issue | Student Success

Macmillan Learning, Bronze Partner
Macmillan Learning strives to deliver institutional solutions that make the world a better place by using insights to empower institutions of higher education to help their students achieve their full potential. Macmillan Learning’s institutional solutions include technologies like iClicker, Intellus Learning (a collection of OER and academic library resources), and assessment solution Skyfactor (Benchworks).

Key Issue | Open Education

McGraw-Hill Education, Bronze Partner
McGraw-Hill Education is driven by a vision to help unlock the full potential of each learner. As a learning science company, research and data provide the foundation for the decisions we make, the resources we create, and the partnerships we seek to build with educators, schools, colleges, and students.

Key Issue | Student Success

NoteAffect leverages techniques and technology instructors and students are already comfortable with to empower students and instructors to become more successful through engagement of course material, using students’ digital devices and creating analytics that enable data-driven decision-making.

Key Issue | Learning Horizons: Emerging Technology, Ground-Breaking Practices, and Educational Futures

At Nureva, we create flexible solutions for your active learning spaces: ideal for strengthening engagement and developing career-ready skills. See how Span Workspace helps students work better together, on their own devices or shared displays. You’ll also hear how our HDL300 system uses breakthrough technology to deliver full-room audio pickup.

Key Issue | Learning Environments and Spaces

PeopleGrove is on a mission to connect every students, alums, and professionals with the mentors and network they need to find success. Schools like Stanford, Penn State, Cornell, Wellesley, Michigan, and many others build engaging online communities, get insightful data, and foster lifelong connections with PeopleGrove.

Key Issue | Student Success

Watermark, Bronze Partner
Watermark’s mission is to put better data into the hands of educators and learners everywhere to empower them to gain insights into learning and drive meaningful improvements. Through its educational intelligence platform, Watermark supports institutions in developing an intentional approach to learning and development based on data they can trust.

Key Issue | Other