Creative Stakeholder Engagement: Evolving Our Academic Video Services

Wednesday, February 20 | 2:30PM–3:15PM PT | Pacific Promenade - Poster19
Session Type: Poster Session
Delivery Format: Poster Session
Faced with a perfect storm of multiple service contracts coming to term and end-of-life hardware solutions, along with an engagement with learning technologies study recommending creating capacity for the "pedagogically sound use of video," we seized the opportunity to implement needed change. We will share our experience applying creative stakeholder engagement techniques evolving the enterprise academic video service at the University of Saskatchewan. This is our story, central to which is the use of creative stakeholder engagement techniques to confirm stakeholder needs, inform product selection, and gain shared understanding and support throughout the design, implementation, and early-adoption stages.

Outcomes: Understand the impact of active and early stakeholder engagement in requirements confirmation Understand the value of capturing and presenting requirements through ‘user stories’ stakeholders can readily identify with. Gain a stakeholder perspective as they share their stories Understand how meaningful engagement in product selection generates shared ownership and drives adoption.


  • Cam Alexson

  • Tyson Brown

    Programmer Analyst, University of Saskatchewan

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  • Creative Stakeholder Engagement Evolving Academic Video Services at the University of Saskatchewan

    Updated on 11/7/2023