Demonstrations: Extended Reality in Higher Education (Session 5)

Wednesday, February 20 | 4:00PM–5:00PM PT | Pacific Ballroom B, Second Floor - XR Demo
Session Type: Short Presentation
Extended reality (XR) technologies (including virtual, augmented, immersive, and mixed reality technologies) hold great potential to provide the basis for a wide variety of new and vivid educational experiences. The higher education community is already actively exploring the possibilities for applications of XR in the curriculum and academic research. On Wednesday, February 20th, community members will be offering demonstrations of their work with these technologies. Come and don the goggles to see what’s afoot. The schedule for the demonstrations is here: ELI 2019 XR Demos

Outcomes: Experience applications of extended reality in curricular and research settings * Understand the potential of XR to contribute to the curriculum and academic research * Learn from colleagues about the “do’s and don’ts” of building XR applications


  • Jordan Tynes

    Director, Academic Fabrication and Digital Design, Wellesley College