EdSurge Loop: Building Insights from Academic Leaders and Instructional Designers

Monday, January 01 | 12:00AM–12:00AM PT
Session Type: Breakout Session
How do you learn about what your peers at other institutions are experimenting with? We'll review how academic leaders and instructional designers, through one-on-one conversations, are sharing best practices, favorite resources, and what they've learned from their missteps. EdSurge Loop is a free service to enable meaningful peer-to-peer exchanges that further knowledge-sharing and collaboration across institutions. You'll learn about how to participate, trends in what members are talking about, and how West Chester University mirrored the effort to facilitate faculty community development and promote cross-departmental interactions.

Outcomes: Learn method for building a network of peers from institutions around the country * Assess insights from 2 years of conversations between academic leaders and instructional designers * Discover how peer-to-peer learning can support your institutional initiatives


  • Michael Sano

    Higher Education Community Manager, EdSurge, Inc.