Exploring, Conceptualizing, and Navigating the Digital Learning Environment

Wednesday, February 20 | 9:15AM–10:00AM PT
Session Type: Breakout Session
A digital learning environment (DLE) is the collection of resources instructors can use to customize their approach to teaching and learning with technology. At William & Mary, the conceptualization of this environment followed a year-long pedagogy-forward needs analysis and community approach to understanding educational technology use in context. We will report on initial results of this process and provide attendees with the workflow and key steps taken to implement a DLE approach for teaching and learning. Built on the construct of a next generation digital learning environment (EDUCAUSE 2015), this process both informed faculty development and oriented W&M's e-learning initiatives.

Outcomes: Identify pathways for exploring a pedagogy-forward approach to a DLE * Explore implications of the DLE mindset on persistent challenges in faculty development and engaging instruction * Discuss and debate the potential merits to the DLE approach across institutional contexts