How to Engage Faculty and Staff with a Summer Webinar Series

Wednesday, February 20 | 10:00AM–10:45AM PT
Session Type: Poster (45-mins)
Delivery Format: Poster Session
The need to stay current with innovative technology continues to increase while many professional development budgets decrease. Adjunct professors and other faculty and staff on dispersed physical campuses find it difficult to attend training opportunities on a centralized campus. The need to address the geographical barriers coupled with opportunities for faculty and staff to stay virtually connected to campus initiatives during the summer months made hosting a webinar series a solution. Alternative pathways to offering professional development were addressed at Campbell University in summer 2017 and 2018 through the Summer Webinar Series.

Outcomes: Explore tangible methods of online professional development to promote technology integration * Identify prospective partners to assist with presenting during the webinar series * Discern the potential for exposing a high number of faculty and staff to university technology tools