Learning Spaces Around the World: Trends, Best Practices, and Challenges

Thursday, February 21 | 10:15AM–11:00AM PT
Session Type: Poster (45-mins)
Delivery Format: Poster Session
We will present and discuss the results of an ongoing international comparative study (Europe, Japan, Singapore, Australia, United States, Canada) of formal and informal learning spaces (active learning classrooms, learning centers, learning commons) through their different dimensions: institutional policies, design principles, technological inputs, and outcomes on teaching and learning practices and more globally on campuses' transformation. We'll highlight the biggest trends and the best practices observed, as well as the challenges yet to be overcome for learning spaces, in an international approach.

Outcomes: Identify and understand the differences and shared matters regarding learning spaces around the world * Identify the best practices abroad and evaluate your potential compliancy to the local context * Learn how to follow up on the upcoming results of the study and engage with peers