Leveraging Strategic Partnerships to Build a Robust Learning Ecosystem

Wednesday, February 20 | 1:45PM–2:30PM PT | Pacific Ballroom A, Second Floor
Session Type: Breakout Session
Delivery Format: Industry and Campus-Led Session
TAMU's College of Engineering embraced the goal of transforming engineering education as part of its 25/25 initiative. This initiative focused on enhancing the learning experience by migrating courses to an active learning methodology. While planning, a key challenge was finding innovative furniture and software solutions that optimized the desired experience. Leveraging strategic partnerships, like Steelcase Education, was key to this successful large-scale transformative project. Our holistic approach resulted in the selection of partners who aligned with our vision and were inspired to help achieve our goals. These partnerships led to the codesign of integrated furniture and software solutions.

Outcomes: Develop a needs statement for leading your projects *  Identify steps needed to select the best industry partners * Anticipate and strategize how to leverage the strengths of industry partners


  • Paige Barnett

    Regional Education Leader, Steelcase Education
  • Sunay Palsole

    Assistant Vice Chancellor for Engineering Remote E, Texas A&M University