Massive Open Online Course for Educators (MOOC-Ed) Completion Descriptions

Wednesday, February 20 | 2:30PM–3:15PM PT
Session Type: Poster (45-mins)
Delivery Format: Poster Session
Professional development is critical in successful organizations. NC State University developed a free professional development initiative, the Massive Open Online Course for Educators (MOOC-Ed). In a qualitative case study, Coaching Digital Learning MOOC-Ed completers described their drivers, barriers, and strategies associated with course completion. MOOC completers also described how their professional practice was impacted after completing the course. Self-determination theory and self-efficacy theory were used as the theoretical framework to explain MOOC motivation and efficacy. Four important findings were uncovered, including that intrinsic motivation is a primary MOOC-Ed driver and that scheduling can assist with overcoming completion barriers.

Outcomes: Identify MOOC drivers and barriers to online course completion * Explore concrete MOOC completion strategies such as scheduling * Learn how participating in the Coaching Digital Learning MOOC-Ed impacted professional practice for research study participants