Presentation Pair: Learning Environments and Spaces

Tuesday, February 19 | 3:00PM–3:45PM PT | Avila, Fourth Floor
Session Type: Breakout Session
Delivery Format: Interactive Presentation
Methods for Conducting a University-Wide Classroom Needs Analysis
Many universities have campus master plans, but few have a classroom master plan. To effectively study the classroom needs of a campus, it is critical to gather input from stakeholders, yet the process for how to conduct a comprehensive classroom needs analysis has not been well studied. Conducting a classroom needs analysis is vital to planning learning spaces that will meet the instructional goals of the campus. We will share the nuts and bolts of our recent university-wide classroom need analysis. You'll be encouraged to share your experiences in conducting classroom needs analysis on your campus.

Outcomes: Identify possible quantitative and qualitative data collection methods for conducting a large-scale classroom needs analysis * Learn about the data analysis approaches for diverse data sources * Learn about the benefits and challenges of conducting large scale needs analysis using mixed methods

Scaling Up: Lessons from Launching Very Large Active Learning Classrooms
At UC Berkeley, active learning classrooms (ALCs) have typically been small to moderate sized. What happens when we scale up the ALC model—small group presentations, huddleboards, flexible furniture, interactive technology displays—to accommodate class sizes of over 100 students? We'll share data from faculty and students across disciplines teaching and learning in a new large active learning space and highlight collaborative efforts to coordinate scheduling and continued support. We'll also discuss strategies for balancing classroom design elements with learning goals and supporting a community of instructors of varying experience with active learning.

Outcomes: Explore strategies to align goals and design features when launching a new space including scheduling and recruitment * Discuss perspectives of faculty and students engaged in the large ALC related to expectations, engagement, and technology-supported learning * Identify pedagogical and technical support for ALC faculty


  • Devon Harris

    Instructional Technology Operations Specialist, University of California, Berkeley
  • Owen McGrath

    Director of Strategic Initiatives & Programs, University of California, Berkeley
  • Anastasia Morrone

    Dean, Indiana University Bloomington
  • Meina Zhu

    Wayne State University

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