Nudge Analytics and Learning Efficacy

Thursday, February 21 | 10:15AM–11:00AM PT
Session Type: Poster (45-mins)
Delivery Format: Poster Session
Not all educational interventions work and not all of them are nudges, though superficially they might appear to be. A nudge is a small intervention (cost) that has large effect (outcome). Nudge analytics is a framework for optimizing interventions. Nudge analytics in education draws from a variety of disciplines, including behavioral economics, educational psychology, cognitive science, and data science. In this session we present a rubric for implementing nudge analytics in education, including measuring an intervention’s efficacy. The core of the presentation is a set of case studies and demonstrations.

Outcomes: Understand common cognitive biases that impede learning success * Evaluate different designs for presenting learning choices * Learn how to implement measures for learning efficacy