Technology Activates Learning: Point/Counterpoint

Wednesday, February 20 | 11:45AM–12:30PM PT
Session Type: Breakout Session
Is technology the same as innovation? We will question the purpose of using technology in the classroom and present research that underscores where technology is helping learning outcomes and better preparing students to engage in the modern world. The conversation will take the form of a healthy debate about technology's role in education. Conclusions will examine the role of technology in learning across many different institutions, giving you a clear and practical take-home understanding of how to apply emerging developments to your own curriculum and what fundamental concepts are useful in distinguishing between emerging trends and fads.

Outcomes: Understand the underlying drivers behind trends in classroom furnishings and technology * Appreciate a broader context that differentiates trends from fads or an overinvestment * Gain practical but bleeding-edge ideas (and supporting arguments) to innovate learning spaces