Using Design Thinking to Enable Student Success and Build Community - Learning space design and furniture provided by Steelcase Education, Gold Partner

Tuesday, February 19 | 3:00PM–3:45PM PT | Pacific Ballroom A, Second Floor
Session Type: Breakout Session
Delivery Format: Hands-On Workshop
How can you enable student success when students depend on support services from so many different groups? The University of Miami answered this question by developing a new learning commons using design thinking. We designed the process to transform mere staff committees into high-performance teams that became communities of practice among service providers. We established a vision, assessed user needs, developed a collaborative service model, defined what different partners would offer, prototyped services, and piloted spaces. This interactive session will walk your through a process you can apply to your institution while offering opportunities to reflect and discuss along the way.

Outcomes: Identify student success challenges in academic and administrative support services * Apply a design thinking process to generate, test, assess, refine, and communicate solutions to these challenges * Build relationships with like-minded change agents who are transforming how their institutions enable student success


  • Elliot Felix

    Founder, Brightspot Strategy, LLC
  • Kelly Miller

    Associate Dean for Learning and Research Services, University of Miami

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