Your Building and Learning Spaces Dreams Came True! Now What?

Thursday, February 21 | 10:15AM–11:00AM PT | Pacific Promenade - Poster33
Session Type: Poster Session
Delivery Format: Poster Session
New building opportunities pop up on campus when we least expect them. Educational technology experts are key to space design and help ensure that learning spaces maximize 21st-century pedagogies. They need to be engaged whenever a new building opportunities arise. This session will equip you with a ready kit centered on these driving questions: How do we build positive working relationships with key stakeholders across campus to align with the university's strategic plan? Who decides on what type of space is appropriate for teaching and learning on campus? What technology is required for effective collaborative and flexible classrooms?

Outcomes: Strategize about learning spaces to prepare for when an unexpected opportunity arrives * Strategize ways to build meaningful partnerships * Understand the relationship between technology and pedagogy in 21st-century room design * Create a faculty development plan surrounding learning spaces * Create an "emergency kit" to manage surprises as they arise


  • Marcia Dority Baker

    Leadership Coach and Program Facilitator, MOR Associates, Inc.
  • Jeremy Van Hof

    Director of Learning Technology and Development, Michigan State University

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