Zen and the Art of Gamification

Thursday, February 21 | 9:30AM–10:15AM PT | El Capitan, Fourth Floor
Session Type: Breakout Session
As an instructional technologist/designer and a professor of religion, we collaborate in designing innovative activities for experiential learning. We aim at incorporating new technologies not only to make learning more accessible but also to transform learning from a strictly cognitive to more experiential process through which students actively seek, engage, search, and discover subject matter knowledge. We will demonstrate our gamification modules developed for select religion courses and conclude by discussing how we happened on our faculty-staff collaboration, what we each learned from our collaboration, and how you can delve into similar collaboration at your institution.

Outcomes: Learn about specific technologies that you can use to integrate experiential learning into your own teaching * Learn about how to create collaborations with campus partners to maximize learning outcomes for your students


  • Carly Born

    Academic Technologist for Digital Learning Experiences, Carleton College
  • Asuka Sango

    Associate Professor, Carleton College