Who's Doing Our Data Laundry, and Why?

Thursday, November 02 | 1:30PM–2:20PM ET | Exhibit Hall D, 200 Level
Session Type: Featured Session
Delivery Format: Featured Session
Dirty data and dirty clothes have a lot in common. As institutions increasingly rely on data and insight to inform decisions, we are seeing a rapid acceleration in outsourced services to clean, organize, enrich, repackage, and present our data. There are many steps in doing the data laundry, and this session will use audience engagement to assess the merits, risks, and life-cycle efficacy of varied approaches for doing our data laundry.

Outcomes: Apply the data-laundering framework to inform sourcing and contracting decisions for data-laundering services * Articulate the trade-offs in speed, cost, and capability of data-laundering paths for an institution * Argue the merits of each approach to support an institution's multiyear strategy


  • Brad Wheeler

    James H. Rudy Professor of Information Systems, Indiana University

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