Change Management Approaches for Effective, Large-Scale Implementation

On Demand
Session Type: Breakout Session
Delivery Format: On-Demand
An intentional change management approach has allowed WGU to successfully implement changes to roles, expectations, and technology tools for more than 2500 remote, full-time faculty serving more than 120,000 students. This session will highlight key strategies contributing to success and suggest applications of those strategies to other contexts.

Outcomes: Identify key strategies for building trust and commitment during times of significant change * Summarize the value of transparency and open communication in supporting faculty and staff through fundamental changes * Propose approaches for supporting change in a variety of contexts


  • Bill Dyer

    Business Transformation Project Manager, Western Governors University
  • Kate Porter

    Senior Manager, Faculty Experience, Western Governors University
  • Jennie Sanders

    Director of Faculty Experience, Western Governors University