Data for Good: Toward an Analytics-Driven Digital Literacy Program

On Demand
Session Type: Breakout Session
Delivery Format: On-Demand
Lack of actionable insights about enterprise software deployments often poses challenges and missed opportunities with implementation of tactical support systems and strategic direction of utilization that maximizes innovative potential within the organization. This presentation discusses how data-driven decision-making can address these problems.

Outcomes: Experience how IT and academic leadership join forces to forge trusted insights and innovation through data * Learn about how data analytics and visualization help drive smart decision-making for large-scale enterprise projects * Gain appreciation for the IT?s new and transformative role as a partner in the academic mission of the university


  • Matt Chambers

    Executive Director of Visual Analytics, Clemson University
  • Jan Holmevik

    Associate Professor, Clemson University
  • Russell Kaurloto

    VP CIO, Clemson University
  • Nitin Madhok

    Executive Director, Clemson University