Top IT Issues 2021: Emerging From the Pandemic

Wednesday, October 28 | 2:00PM–2:45PM ET
Session Type: General Session
Delivery Format: Live Session

We are living in unprecedented times, calling for unprecedented approaches. The EDUCAUSE Top IT Issues has been refactored for 2021 to help higher education shape the role technology will play in the recovery from the pandemic. Will the pandemic prove to be higher education’s extinction event, or will our ecosystem emerge stronger and fitter for the future? Might both be true? The 2021 EDUCAUSE IT Issues project has explored these questions.


Identify the scenarios that will shape the role of IT in your institution’s post-pandemic strategy * Understand the top IT issues for each scenario * Understand how the top IT issues may change if the pandemic continues beyond 2021


  • Susan Grajek

    Vice President, Partnerships, Communities and Research, EDUCAUSE