Leveraging ML to Advance Data Maturity and Innovation in Higher Education

On Demand
Session Type: Industry Led
Delivery Format: On-Demand

Universities have an immense amount of data but often are unable to leverage it to fuel innovation and drive superior student experiences and outcomes. The panelists for this session will articulate the value of AI and data-maturity practices and discuss explicit operational strategies, which have accelerated their data journeys and innovation roadmaps within their respective institutions.


Articulate key concepts for data maturity within higher education institutions * Identify key strategies institutions employ to successfully mature their use of data * Describe how AI can be used to fuel innovation and improve student experiences with example use cases


  • Michael Anderson

    Chief Strategist, Public Sector, DLT Solutions
  • Sherry Bennett

    Chief Data Scientist, DLT Solutions
  • Yawar Shams

    Director of Data Analytics, HelioCampus
  • Brian Wright

    Assistant Professor , University of Virginia