Modernizing Your Infrastructure, Part 2: Digital Transformation

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Session Type: Breakout Session
Delivery Format: On-Demand

We all know it's coming, "modernizing IT infrastructure," but do we all know how to prepare a diverse workforce for transformation? In this presentation, we will review how DEI drives Digital Transformation (Dx) and vice versa. We will highlight the role COVID-19 played in accelerating Dx, and will share tactics that can be used to help sustain the progress we have made. 

Outcomes: Understand the importance and value of coupling your business transformation efforts with diversity efforts * Discuss tactics locally within your organization to invite additional collaboration and inclusion * Become a champion for diversity in problem solving and in your organization for IT modernization efforts


  • Jen Burch

    ‚ÄčIT Project Manager Senior, University of Michigan-Ann Arbor
  • Sarah Buszka

    Relationship Manager, Stanford University
  • Taj Wolff

    Director IT Service Management and Operations, Vanderbilt University