Time for Class: Teaching and Learning in Post-COVID Era

Tuesday, October 27 | 12:15PM–12:35PM ET
Session Type: Breakout Session
Delivery Format: Simulive

COVID-19 has transformed how teaching and learning occurs and created a rapid movement toward the adoption of digital learning pedagogy, practice, and tools. But what shifts in pedagogy and technology adoption will endure? This session will draw on "Time for Class" and share the perspective of more than 4,000 faculty and administrators to understand key, permanent shifts to pedagogy, practice, materials, and tool adoption and strategies to implement high-quality digital learning at scale.


Discover the impact of COVID-19 on pedagogy and practice and on the adoption of tools and digital products * Share faculty voices about challenges and needs for delivering high-quality online instruction * Learn about strategies that institutions are using to implement high-quality digital learning at scale Identify implications for student equity


  • Kristen Fox

    Managing Director, Tyton Partners
  • Nicole Lin

    Consulting Associate, Tyton Partners
  • Nandini Srinivasan

    Principal, Tyton Partners