Rethink Peer Review: Hands-On with Purdue's Circuit App

Tuesday, February 19 | 4:00PM–4:45PM PT | San Simeon, Fourth Floor
Session Type: Breakout Session
Delivery Format: Interactive Presentation
Purdue’s Circuit app takes a fresh look at peer review, with features that include review calibration, flexible rubrics, rich content types, and a transparent and fair scoring system. Come learn about and try out the state of the art in peer-review tools.

Outcomes: Learn about how Circuit advances the state of peer review with an innovative approach to scaling the evaluation process * Understand how calibration in peer review benefits students * Consider strategies regarding how an online tool can enable peer review in large classes and online learning environments


  • Alex Cam Liu

    Application Developer, Purdue University
  • Jason Dufair

    Full Stack Developer, Purdue University
  • Evan Tragesser

    Full Stack Developer, Purdue University

Resources & Downloads

  • Fair is Fair

    Updated on 5/27/2022