Support and Facilitate Interaction

Discussion and interaction are keys to successful learning. Below we've provided valuable resources to encourage and support discussion and effectively facilitate those important conversations during and after your event.

  • Discussion Facilitation Guide: A list of tips and strategies for facilitating discussion on campus, including ideas for setting the room for conversation and capturing content on the fly.
  • How to Facilitate Discussion Podcast: We talked with several veteran facilitators about what makes a successful event. From setting the tone to keeping the conversation from derailing, here are some insights to help you create a productive meeting.
  • Reflection Worksheets: Print and distribute these worksheets to attendees to encourage them to record key ideas as the event unfolds.
  • Interaction Tips for Online Participation: Prepare your team for discussion and interaction using these tips.
  • Effective Facilitation Strategies: 11 strategies with example statements to guide any group discussion.
  • Continuing the Conversation: Suggestions for moving ideas into action.
  • Building Community: Use these tips to help build community and facilitate interaction after your event has ended.