Recorded Content

From EDUCAUSE Annual Conference 2019 in Chicago

Featured Sessions:

The State of Digital Ethics in 2019: Excitement, Caution, and Hope
Presenters: John O'Brien

Scaling Innovation that Matters: Redesigning College for the Students of the Future
Presenters: Bridget Burns

Why the Dog Drools: Understanding What Drives Higher Education
Presenters: Steve Ludwig

Opportunities and Mandates for New Collaborations by Libraries and Information Technology
Presenters: Joan Lippincott, Cliff Lynch

Finding Step-Change Innovation: The Power of Perspective
Presenters: Sarah Bauder, Tom Dionisio, Pierre Dubuc, Diana Oblinger

Kick-Starting Innovation from Within IT
Presenters: Christie Struckman

Innovation and the Last Mile of Student Success
Presenters: Brendan Aldrich, Pam Eddinger, Susan Grajek, Laura Ipsen, Mark Milliron

The EDUCAUSE 2020 Top 10 IT Issues
Presenters: Tariq Al-idrissi, Opinder Bawa, Kellie Campbell, Susan Grajek, Sasi Pillay

Creating a Culture of Data-Informed Decision-Making

Privacy Matters: An Ethical and Regulatory Approach
Presenters: Holly Drake, Marcia Ham

Supporting Student Success Through Data-Informed Decision-Making
Presenters: Amir Dabirian, Su Swarat, Berhanu Tadesse

Understanding Analytics: A Crash Course for Leaders
Presenters: Jay Eckles

How Analytics 3.0 Will Subvert the Dominant Paradigm
Presenters: Susan Grajek, Vince Kellen, Jenn Stringer, Jack Suess

Answering the Call for Better Student Data
Presenters: Michelle Blackwell, Eric Godin, Laurie Heacock

Analytics Driving Outcomes: Data as Strategic Catalyst
Presenters: Chris Gill, Kevin Saunders

Leveraging AI to Support Data-Empowered Learning
Presenters: Benjamin Hellar, Bart Pursel, Drew Wham

Achieving the Promise of Learning Analytics: Where We Are, Where We’re Going
Presenters: Cary Brown, John Johnston, Jason Paluck, Jeff Rubenstein

Creating Data Superstars: The Secrets of Successful Influence
Presenters: Kinga Jacobson, Rodger Patience

Evolving Infrastructure and Enterprise IT

Teaching Elephants to Dance: Edu-API Will Unlock the SIS
Presenters: Linda Feng, Michael Berman, Jared Kosanovic

Rebuild Your Institution's IT Culture into an Adaptable Powerhouse
Presenters: Wayne Geils, Sam Kann

Exploring New Boundaries in Teaching and Learning

XR on Campus: Vanguard Applications in Teaching and Learning
Presenters: Malcolm Brown, Jeff Pomerantz

Stumbling Forward: Creating a Culture of Digital Inclusion and Accessibility
Presenters: Brian Klaas

Leading and Partnering Across the Institution:

Managing Without Authority: Leading Cross-Functional Teams
Presenters: Miranda Carney-Morris, Llew Richards, Liz Young

Riding the Wave of DEI: On the Crest or in a Trough?
Presenters: Annette Beck, Marcia Dority Baker, Victoria Getis

Breaking Boundaries: Forging a Multi-Institutional Women in IT Group
Presenters: Marcia Dority Baker, Amy Metzger, Sandee Seiberlich, Brenda Spychalla

Building a Diverse Pipeline of Student Workers in IT
Presenters: Damian Doyle , Deborah Keyek-Franssen, Jack Suess

Partnering Effectively with IT: A Provost's Perspective
Presenters: Mark Askren, Susan Fritz

The Evolving Relationship Between IT and Online Learning Leadership
Presenters: Eric Fredericksen, Richard Garrett, Ron Legon

Transformation at Scale: The Gates Foundation's Approach to Institutional Partnerships
Presenters: Nazeema Alli, Francesca Mazzola, Alexander Nicholas, Travis Reindl

Our Leadership Journeys: Becoming Bold and Connected
Presenters: Linda Jorn

Higher Ed and IT Policy, 2019: Developments and Directions
Presenters: Katie Branson, Jarret Cummings

Making an Impact with Innovative Ideas

IT Strategic Planning: Storytelling the University's Digital Future
Presenters: Gayleen Gray, Bo Wandschneider

The Universal Learner Record: More than a Life Transcript
Presenters: Lev Gonick, Phil Long

Digitalization Needs a Change in the IT Mindset
Presenters: Swapna Chackravarthy, Sidney Fernandes, Patrick Gall, Alice Wei

The Innovative Public: How States Are Leading Through Technology-Enabled Practice
Presenters: Terah Crews, Carey Hatch, Andrew Kelly , Ajita Menon

Managing and Reducing Information Technology Risk

CIOs and CISOs Collaborate to Mitigate Cyberrisk: The OmniSOC
Presenters: Rick Haugerud, Michele Norin, Sean Reynolds

Strength in Numbers: Exploring the Viability of a Shared SOC
Presenters: Gayleen Gray, Jill Kowalchuk, Brian Stewart, Bo Wandschneider

Lessons Learned and Action Items for Managing Human Risk
Presenters: Lance Spitzner

Navigating Change

Strategies for Effectively Communicating About Campus Change
Presenters: Jeff Overholtzer, Joel Price, Susan Zaslaw

IT Reimagined and Revitalized Through Talent and Technology
Presenters: Chuck Bartel, Dan Roberts, Celeste Schwartz, Don Welch

Adaptive Staffing for Ever-Changing Needs
Presenters: Janet Scannell, Wendy Woodward

Delivering a Unicorn: 2 Paths to Real Organizational Change
Presenters: Eleanor Hart, Beth Schaefer, Jerrod Thomas

Supporting the Institution:

Women and Minorities in Technology
Presenters: Sarah Meadows, Sara Laird, Jamie Summerfield, Sowmya Shankar

Thank You for Interrupting: Identifying and Interrupting Bias
Presenters: Deborah Keyek-Franssen, Beth Schaefer

Aligning Technology Investments to Strategic Plans
Presenters: David Hinson, Rick Holmgren, Rajiv Shenoy, Jennifer Sparrow

Organizational Partnerships: Finding Innovation and Efficiencies by Working Together
Presenters: Trey Arrington, Penny Evans-Plants, Keith Fowlkes

Transforming the Student Experience:

Time for Class: Digital Courseware Adoption in Higher Ed
Presenters: D. Christopher Brooks, Gates Bryant, Kristen Fox, Leah Lang

Virtual Reality: Engaging, Effective, and Affordable Learning
Presenters: Tim Fuller, Rick Kappel