Bringing Adaptive Technology in the Classroom to Larger Scale through Academic Collaboration

Thursday, October 27 | 2:40PM–3:30PM | Meeting Room 204C, Level Two
Session Type: Breakout Session
Delivery Format: Multi-Campus Perspective Panel, Talk Show
Academic technology is becoming a cornerstone in our higher education institutions today. The panel will illuminate specifically the use of adaptive learning technology being strategically explored at three university campuses in various stages of implementation. The presenters will offer a brief case study view of each scenario as well as share a few findings and data from this work.

Outcomes: Learn about 3 case studies on implementation of adaptive learning at three different universities *Learn about strategies used to develop a robust, scalable process to successfully deliver adaptive technology *Gain insight into the process of adopting new innovation pilot models from idea to implementation


  • Tom Cavanagh

    Vice Provost for Digital Learning, University of Central Florida
  • Cristi Ford

    Academic Affairs, VP, D2L
  • Connie Johnson

    Higher Education Consultant, Colorado Technical University