Conference attendees

A dynamic presence both inside and outside the exhibit hall is key to gaining mindshare with attendees, and creating a more powerful engagement experience.

Sponsorship opportunities exist in these high-profile areas:

Sessions, Receptions, and Lounges

All sponsorships include the following benefits in addition to sponsorship-specific benefits:

  • Company logo on the EDUCAUSE 2016 website and on-site signage (produced by EDUCAUSE)
  • Recognition in general session walk-in slides and in the print program
  • Complimentary full-conference registration

General Sessions

General sessions are attended by thousands of individuals, which provides sponsors maximum brand recognition and visibility as a key supporter of EDUCAUSE membership.

Benefits of sponsorship include:

  • Logo under the photo of the speaker on the EDUCAUSE 2016 website

  • Company name included next to sponsored session in the online and print programs

  • Five reserved seats in the front of the general session for your employees

  • Prominent recognition from the stage (sponsor logo on large screens, verbal acknowledgment, and executive introduction)

  • Invitation to a VIP reception with the EDUCAUSE Board, the program committee, and EDUCAUSE executives

Wednesday: $14,500*; Thursday: $14,500*; Friday: $7,500*
* Wednesday's general session speaker is Susan Cain; Thursday's general session speaker is Sugata Mitra; Friday's general session speaker is Alex Sheen. View details here.

Featured Sessions

Sponsor a day's worth of distinguished featured speakers/sessions (200-400 attendees per session), addressing key issues facing higher education professionals.

There are four sessions on Wednesday, five sessions on Thursday, and two sessions on Friday.

Benefits of sponsorship include:

  • Company name included next to sponsored sessions in the online and print programs

  • 6' sponsor table set for the entire day outside the featured-session room for promotional items (e.g., pull-up banner, branded materials)

Wednesday: $7,500; Thursday: $7,500; Friday: $3,500

First-Timer Attendee Program Sponsor

The EDUCAUSE Annual Conference expects to host over 1,000 first-time attendees. Receive recognition and networking opportunities as we welcome first-timers into the EDUCAUSE community.

Benefits of sponsorship include:

First-Timers Welcome Webinar, Tuesday, Oct. 25

  • Logo recognition on visual slide or event signage

  • Verbal recognition from key staff member or volunteer community member

First-Timers Onsite Welcome and Orientation, Tuesday, Oct. 25, Anaheim Convention Center

  • Logo recognition on signage

  • Verbal thanks and recognition 

  • Sponsor attendance during orientation

First-Timers Commons, Tuesday, Oct. 25-27, Anaheim Convention Center, second floor main foyer

  • Logo recognition on First-Timers Commons signage

  • Table-tent cards or small placards for sponsor recognition (provided and printed by sponsor after receiving EDUCAUSE approval)

  • One pre-event marketing e-mail message targeted to first-time registrants, with sponsor logo/message

Price: $12,000

VIP Recognition Reception Sold

Join EDUCAUSE executives, the board, the program committee, the 2016 award winners, and other special guests on Tuesday evening for a two hour reception.

Benefits of sponsorship include:

  • One executive invitation

  • Recognition noted in program portion of the reception

Price: $8,500

Institute Reception

This reception is for all graduates of the EDUCAUSE Institute programs. Your company is invited to brand the reception and mingle with more than 300 graduates of these high-profile programs.

Benefits of sponsorship include:

  • Invitation for up to four sponsor representatives to attend

  • Sponsor table for collateral display during the reception

  • Opportunity to brand the reception with pull-up banners, cocktail napkins, etc.

Price: $5,500

Hotel Host Sold

Showcase your company not just in the convention center but also at one of our largest hotels, the Anaheim Hilton. With 1,400 guest rooms reserved for the conference and as the designated location of ancillary meetings, the Anaheim Hilton is the perfect place to gain exclusive brand recognition. 

Benefits of sponsorship include:

  • Sponsor letter given out to attendees at hotel check-in (provided by sponsor)

  • Company logo included on welcome gobo in hotel lobby

  • Branded hotel key cards

  • Opportunity to host an event at the hotel, with event information included in online, print, and mobile conference programs

Price: $16,000

Diana Oblinger Innovation Forum Sold

Showcase and engage at a new program for CIOs and academic affairs leaders. This inaugural event examines the complex intersection of academic transformation and student success technologies—where leadership and data can power institutional change.

Benefits of sponsorship include:

  • Inclusion on all marketing and participant communications

  • Participant visit to your booth as a part of the suggested itinerary during the reception

  • On-location branding and signage as the partner sponsor for this forum

  • Exclusive engagement in Wednesday afternoon meeting with 100 CIOs/academic affairs leaders

Price: $12,000

Two Leadership Programs: Hawkins Leadership Roundtable and Senior Directors Seminars Sold

This exclusive sponsorship opportunity is available at two private roundtables that host 60 seasoned and incoming higher education senior IT leaders plus 25 thought leaders who serve as roundtable council members.

The Hawkins Leadership Roundtable is a leadership development program for new CIOs and individuals actively seeking a CIO role. The Senior Directors Seminar is a leadership development program that convenes higher education leaders (director level or above) from across the institution.

Benefits of sponsorship include:

  • Company logo on Hawkins Leadership Roundtable and Senior Directors Seminar web pages

  • Recognition in all related communications

  • Recognition in the online agenda and print program under all listings (approximately seven instances)


  • Collateral distribution or "gift" at each table in both session rooms

  • Introduction of one executive from the sponsoring company to speak for three minutes during each of the programs

  • Invitation to the Thursday evening reception for up to two executives from sponsoring company

Price: $19,000

CIO Lounge Sold

Hundreds of CIOs visit the lounge to network, relax, refuel, watch streamed general sessions, and informally meet and chat. This exclusive sponsorship puts your company brand front and center with key decision makers for the duration of the conference.

Benefits of sponsorship include:

Preconference promotion

  • Sponsor recognition in the web, print, and mobile programs

  • Company logo on the CIO Experience web page

In the lounge

  • An unstaffed sponsor station (includes a 6' table) for your marketing materials, company-provided free standing banners, and other resources

Price: $10,000

Community Lounge and Session Sold

This lounge serves as a gathering place for informal meetings, discussions, demonstrations, and presentations for higher education IT affinity groups. Your company can gain an exclusive opportunity to make connections with an engaged, dedicated audience through branding, marketing materials, and a presentation opportunity.

Benefits of sponsorship include:

Preconference promotion

  • Sponsor recognition in daily listing of lounge in the online, print, and mobile programs  

In the lounge

  • An unstaffed 6' table for your marketing materials, company-provided free standing table-top banners, and other resources

  • Opportunity to add food and beverage (ordered through Aramark at the sponsor's expense)

  • Opportunity to conduct one 50-minute event in the lounge (event cannot conflict with exhibit hall breaks)

Price: $8,500

Exhibit Hall Opportunities

All sponsorships include the following benefits in addition to sponsorship-specific benefits:

  • Company logo on the EDUCAUSE 2016 website and on-site signage (produced by EDUCAUSE)

  • Recognition in general session walk-in slides and in the print program

  • Complimentary full-conference registration

Start-Up Alley Sold

This exclusive sponsorship will extend your company's visibility in the emerging edtech arena with a leading presence at the highly interactive emerging company mixer, in the Start-Up Alley Exhibit Hall area, and at the Under the Ed Radar Pitch competition.

Benefits of sponsorship include:

  • Emerging Company Mixer Participation: Four complimentary tickets for your company's executives to meet and greet attendees; event signage; event introductions by EDUCAUSE corporate leadership; and a five-minute presentation during the event

  • Under the Ed Radar Pitch Competition Participation: Inclusion of one sponsor executive to participate on an expert judging panel during the competition; sponsor logo on check given to winner; and sponsor inclusion on competition photos/videos and distribution

  • Display: Hanging of one large banner (provided by EDUCAUSE) above the Start-Up Alley Exhibit Hall area

  • Communications and Media: Inclusion in all conference communications related to Start-Up Alley and Under the Ed Radar competition including streaming and video clips during and after the conference

  • Start-Up Alley Participants: Post-event access opportunities with participating ed-tech companies.

  • Other benefits to be defined with future sponsor

Price: $25,000

Note: This opportunity can be co-sponsored with another partner organization.

Wednesday Networking Reception

Drive traffic to your booth! Sponsoring this heavily promoted and highly attended event makes your company stand out in a hall of more than 270 exhibitors.

Attendees must visit sponsor booths and scan their name badge to be entered into a drawing to win a prize (provided by EDUCAUSE).

Benefits of sponsorship include:

  • Sponsor recognition in promotional e-mails highlighting events in the exhibit hall

  • Sponsor recognition in the online and print programs

  • Announcement thanking the sponsors in the hall

  • Carpet decal(s) in the aisle by booth, making it easy for attendees to find sponsors

  • Sponsor recognition on flyers handed out as attendees enter the exhibit hall

  • Social media promotions

Price: $6,500

Refreshment Breaks Sold

Sponsorship of refreshment breaks in the exhibit hall provides an easy and affordable way to distribute materials and gain recognition among attendees in several grab-and-go areas. Breaks are scheduled throughout the day on Wednesday and Thursday.

Benefits of sponsorship include:

  • Opportunity to brand grab-and-go stations

  • 6' sponsor table set in designated area for the entire day

Price: $4,500 for one break; $8,800 full day (available Thursday only)

Poster Session Sponsor Sold

Campus posters will be displayed in the exhibit hall, and activities include one-on-one discussions with frontline campus innovators and staff members.

Benefits of sponsorship include:

  • A poster area for sponsoring company for two days (staffed one hour on Wednesday)

  • Company logo on a large banner that hangs over the poster session area

  • Company logo on the digital poster gallery web page


Lunch Sold

Lunch sponsorship provides a valubale opportunity to distribute materials and gain recognition among attendees as they enjoy a buffet-style lunch and connect with colleagues.

Benefits of sponsorship include:

  • Opportunity to distribute promotions and fun giveaways (provided by sponsor) on lunch tables and/or chairs 

  • Ten free lunch tickets for sponsor representatives

Price: $5,500 (available Thursday only)

Foyer Space Opportunities

All sponsorships include the following benefits in addition to sponsorship-specific benefits:

  • Company logo on the EDUCAUSE 2016 website, and on-site signage (produced by EDUCAUSE)

  • Recognition in general session walk-in slides, and in the print program

  • Complimentary full-conference registration

Beverage Breaks

Position your company's brand through signage and logoed items at coffee stations in multiple foyer locations on Wednesday and Thursday.

Benefits of sponsorship include:

  • Opportunity to brand coffee stations with items such as napkins, coffee mugs, or coffee sleeves (provided by sponsor)

  • Multiple easel signage throughout break areas

Price: $8,500 per day

Information Kiosks Sold

Sponsor laptop stations where attendees can navigate the conference program, check e-mail, print boarding passes, and more.

Benefits of sponsorship include:

  • Sponsor recognition and link to company website on the landing page for each laptop

  • Opportunity to place two free-standing banners in the area (provided by sponsor)

  • Opportunity to provide branded mouse pads at each station (provided by sponsor)

Price: $5,500

Hydration Stations

Boost your visibility by supplying attendees with much-needed drinking water (and even provide branded, reusable water bottles).

Benefits of sponsorship include:

  • Sponsor logo on small easel signs placed at each hydration station located throughout the meeting space and exhibit hall

  • Opportunity to provide branded, reusable water bottles in the tote area for attendees (provided by sponsor)

Price: $6,500 

Power Stations Sold

Access to power and seating is at a premium during the conference. Sponsor an area for attendees to sit, power up, and network for the conference duration. Power stations are centrally located outside the breakout rooms on the second floor. Your sponsorship of these heavy traffic areas won't be missed!

Benefits of sponsorship include:

  • Opportunity to brand the power areas with free-standing banners, collateral, and logoed items (provided by sponsor)

Price: $9,500


Produce your own company-branded notepads and ensure recognition throughout the EDUCAUSE Annual Conference.

Benefits of sponsorship include:

  • Opportunity to create customized notepads (provided by sponsor)

  • Distribution in the tote area at the conference

Price: $5,500

Tote Bags Sold

Tote bags are carried by thousands of attendees and include your logo along with the EDUCAUSE logo. These reusable totes are produced by EDUCAUSE.

Benefits of sponsorship include:

  • Company logo (with the EDUCAUSE logo) on attendee tote bags

  • Distribution in the tote area at the conference